Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom have ruined my life

*spoiler warning*

Leigh Bardugo is a gift from above. I had heard great things about these books, and I was intrigued. I had not read the Grisha trilogy before starting Six of Crows, but now it is at the top of my TBR list because of how much I loved these two books! Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom are definitely my new favorite books, though I enjoyed Six of Crows a bit more than Crooked Kingdom.

Step aside, Harry Potter, there’s a new favorite in your place. (Forgive me.)

The plot and character development blew me away, and the interactions and growth of the characters was fantastic.

I was LIVING for these characters! I don’t think I could pick a favorite, to be honest.

Nina was my bae, and I loved her relationship with the grumpy and stoic Matthias (R.I.P.-the saying might be “No mourners, no funerals”, but damn am I mourning). She was a firecracker, and I related to her obsession with food (same, girl, same). Matthias was always a great point of view to read, because as a reader I got to see the change in his thinking patterns and views as his love for Nina overcame his former ideologies and beliefs towards Grisha.

Inej reminded me of a cute little kitten that would claw you to death the second you tried to pet it. She was stealthy, mysterious, and strong. I felt so bad that all the crappy stuff kept happening to her! Her relationship with Kaz was intriguing. The two had their issues, and the ending was kind of open-ended as to whether or not they’d be okay…As a reader, I have to believe they would be.

Speaking of the demon (lol), Kaz was my favorite point of view to read overall. He was always three steps ahead of everyone else, and he didn’t always tell the others his plans-or the readers, for that matter. He was unreliable, because you never really knew what he had up his sleeves or what he would do. He was the perfect anti-hero, and I loved him immensely.

Jesper and Wylan were my OTP throughout the books, and I loved their interactions in Crooked Kingdom. Wylan was my favorite point of view to read during Crooked Kingdom, and he very well may have been my favorite character of the second book as well. Wylan was really the only sane one of the bunch, always the voice of logic.

Also, let’s talk about how beautiful the books are with their red and black colored page edges. *heart eye emoji*

10/10 would recommend! I wish there were more books! Now, let it be known that it is easy to understand and follow along without having read the Grisha trilogy first (Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising). I will be making a mad dash to my local bookstore to get the books, and I cannot wait to read them!


I tried my hand at BookTube, and turned this into a video…Kind of…Check it out! Subscribe!


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