Editing is hard

I thought finishing a book was difficult, but editing said book is even worse. You finish a book and WOO-you’re done! Time to start querying! Incorrect. That book you just finished writing needs a lot of work. 

I didn’t realize how absolutely trash my book was until I started re-reading it again and again and again. The first time I went through it, I was like, “This is perfection.” And now, a year later, I’m like, “Garbage! Absolute garbage!” And not only was my book a wreck, my query letter I’ve been using was god-awful too. The pages I was sending along with my query were not a very good representation of my work, and overall it’s no wonder I haven’t found an agent yet.

I haven’t taken the time I need to take to work on my novel to get it where it needs to be, and that’s on me. Life, work, and classes get in the way; it’s hard to publish a book when it’s your first book. Full-time writers who write for their careers have all the time they need to get a book completed and perfected because it’s their job. But before one gets to that, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get there.

I’m currently in the midst of dissecting and re-writing my 400 page YA book that is book 1 of a trio, and it’s mind-boggling. I have all these ideas in my head, and I want to convey them in the best way possible. I’ve made my query letter the best I can make it for now, and I can’t wait to finish editing and re-writing so that I can send out a new and improved letter to agents. Fingers crossed!

Patience is key, and I just need to keep at it and wait, because I know it’ll be worth it someday when I see my book on the shelves (goals, honestly).

Peace and Love!



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