The Diabolic Review and Discussion

In the midst of editing and writing my own books, I try to read as much as possible too. So, I will be writing about and discussing the ones I fall in love with!

*Some spoilers within*

The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid- This book is a literary masterpiece. The book itself is about a girl named Nemesis who isn’t actually a human girl…she’s a Diabolic, a humanoid creature created to kill and protect the individual she is bonded to who just happens to be Sidonia, the daughter of a galactic senator. Sidonia is the only person in all the galaxies that Nemesis feels love for; other than that, she is devoid of human emotions and feelings, stronger and faster than anyone else, and would kill to keep Sidonia safe.

Nemesis would kill for Sidonia, but she would also die for her. So, when the cruel Emperor summons for all the rebelling senator’s children to come to him on his massive ship in space, everyone assumes they’re going to be executed.

So Nemesis goes in Sidonia’s place, pretending to be her. Chaos obviously ensues. The story is full of twists and turns that kept me engaged, and Kincaid did an excellent job of portraying Nemesis’ transition from an unfeeling, uncaring Diabolic to something-someone more human. Between her friendship with another girl aboard the ship, who may be one of the rebels from earth; her new pet; and the mysterious, crazy Tyrus, Nemesis just might be changing.

She begins to feel something for Tyrus, the Emperor’s nephew, who is by far my favorite character in this entire novel. You can tell his storyline and the politics involved where inspired by Hamlet by William Shakespeare, which just so happens to be my favorite piece of literature by him. The betrayals and back-stabbings were written beautifully, and as a reader you just didn’t know who you could trust. It was utterly fascinating to read about this world and its politics that Kincaid built so effortlessly.

The plot and character development kept me on the edge of my seat, and I loved everything about it-including the badass cover. The butterfly that is half-pretty and half-machine and weapons is a perfect example of the novel’s main character Nemesis; she is a badass butterly, damn it.

Overall, I would rate this book a 3/5. It was a quick read, something that I finished within two days, and I quite enjoyed it. There’s love, their’s tragedy, people die, people are betrayed left and right-it’s great. Most of the twists I saw coming, but there were a couple that got me.

I’m not sure if it is a standalone novel or if there is going to be a sequel, as the ending kind of wrapped everything up, but I would not complain if there was more to this story.


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